Photo Manager


Display images, process them in batches and create online albums


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Photo Manager 2008 offers features that make this application more than just a simple image viewfinder. It offers various tools that help you work with your images, from printing to an online album creator.

Despite its many features, the main purpose of Photo Manager 2008 is to serve as a simple image viewfinder. You can change your image size by simply dragging and dropping the scrolling bar. If the size is too small, you can see a preview of the image on the left side.

Photo Manager 2008 also allows you to see the images you have previously selected through the use of a slideshow. Playback is done in full screen. The rest of the images in the presentation are shown above in smaller thumbnails.

And Photo Manager 2008 offers even more. It also features a search option that allows you to find any image in your hard drive and create working lists with them. In addition, you can choose from different layouts and sizes when printing your photographs and its editing capacities also allow you to apply changes to the whole batch (basically resizing).

Last but not least, there's also the online album generator, which allows you to create an HTML album with the photos you have selected by simply choosing a template and clicking the 'Create' button.
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